Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jam and Daniel Craig

If I had more brain power right now, I'd make some kind of clever connection between several British points-of-interest, including tea-time with jam and James Bond. But it's still raining, and I'm still drinking my tea. So.

Neatorama posted this great article about an artist named Lindi Kirsin commissioned to paint a landscape for a British jam and condiments company. The painting of the Manchester library is, of course, painted only using jam, marmalade, mint sauce, tartar sauce, and a few other eatable spreads manufactured by the company. In the subsequent charity Ebay auction, the lucky winner will receive the painting ("Manchester Preserved", hyuck), as well as a color print of the painting (in case the jam doesn't hold up very long - who paints in jam?). Ant insurance, anyone?

Speaking of ants at the picnic, a British popsicle - or shall I say lolly - company took a vote: Who is the coolest British celebrity (whose image you'd like to lick on a stick?) Women overwhelmingly voted for...Daniel Craig's James Bond. The company obliged by sculpting their new fruity popsicle effigies in the likeness of Daniel Craig emerging from the ocean, bare-torsoed, in Casino Royale.

I mean.I think Craig's a good choice - I kind of want to lick Daniel Craig, and I don't even like boys. Thanks again, Neatorama! It's always a kick.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Reading this month's Wired Magazine Playlist, I found many cool things.

1. Scanwiches are sandwich halves that have been scanned at high resolution, so you can torture yourself while still at work. With images of tasty-looking food. Food porn! Safe for work, not safe for your famished afternoon brain. Beautiful sandwiches looking o-so-biteable in the blackness.

2. Hive - another strategy game with attractive tiles (that remind me of fancy painted candies). Protect the queen bee, use your beetles.

3. The Star Wars AT-AT model pretending that it's a household pet (walking on the beach, playing with the cat) in this super Flickr stream.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fore-Edge Painting, Moss Mats

A bath mat that never needs to be vacuumed or washed? A bath mat that enjoys moisture and high-humidity conditions? Where is this marvel of science!

"Nguyen La Chanh's ingenious design is made from a decay-free foam called plastazote, and populated with three varieties of moss: ball, island, and forest. Maintenance required for this little patch of green is limited, as the moss thrives off of the humidity released from daily bathroom rituals."

More pictures of the mossy mat on Geekologie. I'm glad this isn't a euphemism for anything.

Also, does anyone know about fore-edge painting on old books? The painting is done on the edges of the flared pages; the image is invisible when the book is closed, but when one staggers the pages, the image is magically visible. See the video below! The Boston Public Library currently has an online exhibit of fore-edge painting right here.

AGAIN, I'm so glad this isn't a euphemism for anything! Also, this is awesome.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Animals on Web Cams

You know what's a great way to waste time? Watching live-streaming animal cams piped to you straight from techno-friendly zoos. Like the Smithsonian National Zoo. Which, I just discovered, has 12 animal web-cams. Including the PandaCam, the NakedMoleRatCam, the FisherCatCam, the OctopusCam, the KiwiCam, The far, FisherCats and MoleRats are the most enjoyable at this hour. But honestly, I am having a party in my monitor right now. Squirm, naked mole rats, squirm! It's a dogpile of wrinkles in that burrow. Plus a random foot sticking up. I love it.

Go, go waste some time looking at critters on camera, at the Smithsonian National Zoo's Webcams. I dare you.

Oh my god, the rat is cleaning its little pink toes. Peeeenk toooooes. Zah!