Sunday, July 19, 2009


Colorado's Denver Water utility company is cracking down on wasteful water usage. For instance, running sinks and running toilets. The utility's new mascot is obviously a jogging man in a toilet costume: A RUNNING TOILET. Here's the article on BoingBoing, with reports of a the Running Toilet frightening children playing in a (wasteful!) spray fountain.

Next, we have Cheetos lip balm, discovered on Geekologie. Amazing. I desperately want to smell that stick of lip balm; I must know if it really, truly smells like Cheetos.

Then, a classic new gadget: the cell-phone cigarette lighter. Promoting at least two different kinds of cancer at the same time! Fire hazard, as well.

Finally, order a GhettoBasket of convenience store goodies for that special person in your life. After all, this is a recession. And they might really need some lighter fluid, a grape drink, or a pregnancy test. Choose from a regular Ghetto Basket or the Ghetto-fabulous Basket. I know I want one.