Monday, March 31, 2008

ironic-cool, but only if you don't really smoke?

both boingboing and geekologie feature this stealthy-cheesy cellphone shaped like a pack of marlboro ciggies. aren't the chinese precious sometimes? and it has a side-mounted camera, and it plays mp3's, and it actually keeps some cigarettes inside. i'm really digging this more-for-less techno-nomenon. and it's not like an iphone can store cigarettes, eh? how about a cellphone camera mp3 player shaped like a box of chinese take-out. or even a really stealthy banana phone that also shoots marshmallows from the tip?

i'm all giddy and weird today. i'll have to get the picture when i'm not on a crazy mac.

Friday, March 28, 2008

scratch! sniff! (make all your friends sniff it.) repeat!

whatever happened to scratch 'n sniff? stickers, perhaps even cards? the answer is, they're still around. and someone better order cute cards with this website's entire inventory of scents! and then send me the batch with cute envelopes. k?

except ammonia, of course. and bleach? and baby poo - you can leave that one out. i'd like extra copies of "old books" and "gingerbread", though.

i got to thinking of scratch and sniff cards because of this cute-centric website, and it's adorable sniffy card offerings from jack and lulu: voila,'s scratch sniffy cutie cards!

why doesn't someone pay me to make these references.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

this video is so cute, it makes me tear up.

Kitten Loves Puppy - video powered by Metacafe

thanks to cuteoverload and to the original posters of this vid - you rock. love that cat/chihuahua snuggle action!

a conversation in my house.

"that's really the temperature right now. all i know is what my computer tells me."

"yeah, well. i don't trust your computer. i'm going to check my own."

department of defense builds amazing dog-bot

it can carry hundreds of pounds, balance on ice, walk in snow, hop, possibly jump (i almost wrote "hump", lolz), and it looks creepily similar to a large...DOG. a headless dog, but i think you'll recognize the gait. another gem from geekologie. i could see this in a deleted scene from the movie A.I., no?

abecedarium of love and a little art deco!

this cool alphabet primer is on geekologie - click here to see the original post. and it rocks. though i realize that pop-up books rock in general - i had some kickass books when i was younger depicting rainforest animals! fuck yeah. this one's pretty good, though. watch the vid, you'll like it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

while we're on the subject...what are "new wave fabulists"?

well, it's a sub-genre for fiction and magical realism and science fiction, or perhaps an amalgam of all three. in fact, if i were really really cool and still a writer who cared and produced things, i might be a new wave fabulist! read this article from the Boston Globe, all about New Wave Fabulists. and while you do that, i will linger on my persistent, obsessive fan-love for shelley jackson; jackson is just so lusciously weird and affecting and hard to dismiss, i CANNOT. EVEN. STAND HER.

har, this is my self-obsessed post o' the day. i was in issue 2 of this fine publication, once upon a nervous breakdown ago. that was really cool. yeah. when i get over my vertiginous writer's block, i'll just let y'all know.

now i'm done being self-obsessed. go look up shelley jackson, kelly link, george saunders, jorge luis borges, julio cortazar, david hollander, nelly reifler, and lots of other people mentioned in that Boston Globe article. or on the Unsaid website. get crazy, read crazy stuff.

okay, wtf is "steampunk"?!

when you're looking at boingboing, just find the "steampunk" tag and click it to see all the other posts in that category. and then ponder the coolness of steampunk, whatever or whoever steampunk is. i'm going to do further research on this...phenomenon. but for now, get thee to boingboing and enjoy wood-paneled macbooks, lanterns with extraneous copper and light bulbs and mahogany, and perhaps even a ghost-catching machine that looks something like a gramaphone. love the etched glass globes, love the brass fittings, and in some cases i even love the steam!

omg, i google-defined "steampunk" and came back with this! my nerd points just went up about 10,000 notches. a sub-genre of speculative fiction, seriously? maybe h.g. wells' time-machine studded with yellowed ivory and opals? my god, how has it taken me this long to Find Out. hurray for wood-paneled submarines, mp3 players cast in bronze, and other unlikely ways of combining luxurious old-school with ominous? encompassing? ubiquitous? technology.

Friday, March 21, 2008

dachshunds of the future transcend need for human interaction

what else can i say? that is a spry dachshund. thank you, cuteoverload!

blog2blog goodness!

funny blog = Stuff White People Like!

if you are currently unaware of how white you are, just read this blog. because it's damn funny. and it's a revelatory experience, even for my middle-class white-collar multiracial gender-queer lesbian ass.

what was that? say what?

seriously, read a few posts on this blog, and tell me if it's not painfully funny. also, i'm just a normal little librarian with cute glasses. blond, even. and freckled. yeah, freckled. and straight! sure i'm straight.

i especially love the dinner party posting. even though i know it's just the tip o' the berg.

Monday, March 10, 2008

what's with the bacon craze lately?

maple-bacon lollipops sound pretty okay at this point. which means that i have been totally acclimated to the bacon craze! i mean, i like bacon okay. i like turkey bacon even better. i'll take fake bacon, too. but i'm not MAD about bacon, though i recognize that some people are actually drooling as they read this post.

and y'know, i think the bacon bandaids are funny. the bacon trompe l'oeil wallet is sorta funny. and bacon air freshener is...gross. (the Vosgues bacon truffle and dark chocolate bacon bar are AMAZING, though.) so what is with all the bacon? atkins, my ass.

why not just make bacon fries instead of potato frites? candied bacon fries, if you're missing the sweet potato fried crunchies. why not bacon fruit salad - why not BACON CAKE.

geekologie, dammit - why are you so fascinating? i was going to post something chewy about web 3.0, and the end of the consumer-as-king. but then i realized the article came from Newsweek, and posted bacon pops instead. oh well - still interesting in a way.

oh man, i think i caught mono' from my phone.

can you even deal with the KissPhone?
i just keep thinking...Wait, what?! that's in a nutshell, of course. imagine people walking around, making out with their KissPhones...ew, maybe i want one? Ew!

geekologie, again.

News Flash! modern rat terriers find release for atavistic urges with humane alternative!

goodbye industrial-age rat pit, hello balloon board. i like how the dog draws some kind of hyper-efficient trajectory towards the end, catching the loose balloons and also breaking up the last knot of 'em. that popping must be sooo satisfying, no? like the crunch of a rat's vertebrae, only more festive.

thank you again, cuteoverload. thank you.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

some people have all the fun.

do you ever google "flying squirrels" at work? because i sure do.

sniffer bees, in the pipe.

indescribable stuff from geekologie - a MOMA art exhibit featuring complicated blown-glass vessels containing sniffer bees. yes, bees that will detect illnesses based on odors in your breath! and they will fly to particular chambers within the vessel, depending on what they smell. and it's part of a greater exhibit on how art and science team up.

so basically, i'm dying to see this exhibit. i'm kicking myself for not living in new york. seriously, why don't i live in new york, where all the super-awesome museums are? boston is only semi-awesome, nyc is super-awesome: they have sniffer bees on exhibit, they have exhibits on how art speaks to science! shit. boil me for a couple hours, and you'd get some crystals stuck to the bottom of the pot. and one of those crystals would be "how does art inform science, and vice versa?"

link to the geekologie article here.