Saturday, February 21, 2009

Phd Interpretative Dance Contest - Scientists Only

So, if you are writing your doctoral dissertation, and you have always wanted to interpret your thesis through modern dance, now have a venue for living out that weird quirk. And more power to you! There is now an annual competition for scientists to interpretively dance their dissertations. The prize is a subscription to Science(which they all probably have anyway, no?).

The 2009 Winner was Sue Lynn Lau, with her Phd entitled: "The role of vitamin D in beta cell function". This is a Phd out of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research / University of Sydney, Australia. You MUST watch with sound ON, absolutement.

Below we have another winner, Vince LiCata, with his dissertation, "Resolving Pathways of Functional Coupling in Human Hemoglobin Using Quantitative Low Temperature Isoelectric Focusing of Asymmetric Mutant Hybrids". This is a dissertation out of Johns Hopkins University. I enjoy their pseudo-tribal, psuedo-colonial dance interpretation very much!

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