Monday, September 7, 2009

Scotch, cheese, and pears (don't really go together?)

Been a while since I posted! Poverty has a way of drawing one's attention elsewhere. Silly little moneybags. Browsing the internets today, I found this cunning cheese board and cheese slicer on Neatorama; together they look like an oversize mousetrap. My question is, Why didn't someone think of this arrangment before? Very humorous.

And here we have Buddha-pears, on a page I've google-translated from the original Portuguese. Again, Neatorama led me here. Delightful! Square watermelons, heart-shaped cucumbers, "Macintosh" apples, and now Buddha-pears. BUT DOES IT TASTE GOOD.

And finally, the world's largest bottle of single-malt Scotch. Featured by Neatorama and The Scottish Sun. Honestly, who else would write about it. Um, but if anyone wants to buy that bottle of 14 y/o single-malt for my birthday, well then. It's coming up in November.

Neatorama, Neatorama, again. I found this link to an architect in Texas who designs and builds low-income housing out of found objects and salvage. And the houses are gorgeous. Really. I would happily live in one. Here's the NY Times slide show of houses built by Dan Phillips and his Phoenix Commotion construction company. It's pretty fantastical.

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