Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Plushie Mood

Blame Neatorama, they had such adorable stuff up. I particularly enjoyed the Haminal and the Stache Labbit by Frank Kozik. Seriously, how can I go on living without a Stache Labbit on my pillow next to me?

So then I had to go looking around for more plushies. Website myplasticheart has some delightful things, as well kidrobot. Here's some strangely adorable plushie pork products on the former.

Okay, now I'm thinking about Domo Kun, that loveable mascot of Japanese tv. Watch the best of Domo Kun on youtube, and then try - just try - not to buy a Domo Kun plushie. Yes, I'm reposting this. Seriously. Today I'll have to be happy with watching Domo, since I just spent actual money on an ebay Haminal. Dammit. I just love that it comes in a little can.

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