Saturday, September 22, 2007

"current" nonfiction

i was going to review all my favorite nonfic' books for this blog. but then i was all, I'm tired and that would take forever. so here's my Five Star nonfiction reading list thus far.

- Art Objects, by Jeanette Winterson
- The Snow Leopard, by Peter Matthiessen
- The Cloud Forest, by Peter Mattheissen
- The True History of Chocolate, by Coe & Coe
- The Big Oyster: A History of New York, by Mark Kurlansky
- Cod, by Mark Kurlansky
- Winter World, by Bernd Heinrich
- Consider the Eel, by Richard Sweid
- Vita, by Victoria Glendinning
- Portrait of a Marriage, by Nigel Nicolson
- Salt: A World History, by Mark Kurlansky
- The Art of Eating, the collected works of M.F.K. Fisher
- Bananas, by P.B. Jenkins
- The Botany of Desire, by Michael Pollan
- The Omnivore's Dilemma, by Michael Pollan
- My Dog Tulip, by J.R. Ackerly
- The Dog Who Wouldn't Be, by Farley Mowat
- Speak, Memory, by Vladimir Nabokov
- The World of Caffeine, by B. Weinberger
- The Solace of Open Spaces, by Gretel Ehrlich
- Arctic Dreams, by Barry Lopez
- Oranges, by John McPhee
- Under the Banner of Heaven, by Jon Krakauer
- Candy Freak, by Steve Almond
- Stiff: The Secret Lives of Human Cadavers, by Mary Roach
- The Sea Around Us, by Rachel Carson
- The Beauty of the Beastly, by Natalie Angier
- Woman: An Intimate Geography, by Natalie Angier

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