Monday, September 24, 2007

epiphany fueled by tea

1) tagging and folksonomies are the future.

2) as long as there are physical books, there will be a need for catalogers.

3) tangible books will always exist, because most people cannot operate in the abstract full-time. (only in the grandest metaphysical sense are we virtual beings!)

4) i am happy that books and physical objects will always exist. because i really like my glass tea mug, my dog, and my giant bookcase.

5) information is abstract, objects are concrete. published works in written- and digital-form are the major ways that abstraction meets solidity.

6) if the internet ever goes down, we will all be left staring into dark monitors, cradling our scrawny bodies in desk chairs and mentally grabbing at the disappearing pixels of our tag clouds. oh well.

7) maybe low-tech is the most reliable, but high-tech is inexorable. (until it isn't.)

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