Friday, November 9, 2007

"tanuki" means raccoon dog

so wikipedia has interesting things to say about raccoon dogs and the japanese translation of the same, tanuki: it's a species of dog, with vulpine mannerisms, and a round clumsy raccoon body. an omnivore, a scavenger, a gulper of berries and damaged crabs. also prominent in japanese folklore, with giant testicles intact. and apparently very popular in the production of fashionable "faux fur" = do you know if it's really faux?

way too interesting! check out these links:

Wikipedia: Raccoon Dog

Wikipedia: Tanuki

postscript = did anyone see the raccoon dog featured as the gift egg on Facebook's Hatching Egg application? i gave it to my friend vroom. yeah, i did.


Bean said...

I've read a few of your posts. Your sense of what is interesting appeals to my own curious nature. I'll definitely be looking up a couple of books you've listed in your library.

My blog is totally different from yours but then that's as it should be. It's called The Ooga Booga LIfe.

Thank you for posting.

lindsey said...

and thank you for reading! perhaps i'll set up a listing of "friend blogs" and post it here...