Wednesday, February 6, 2008

bionic vision a thing of near-reality

Discovery News tells me that some people out there have made a contact lens containing micro-circuitry and tiny power-granule LED lights - just like a tiny GPS for your myopia, in other words. (except that it doesn't even attempt to fix your vision - just trick it out with GPS and weird navigational capabilities. and in the future, SUPER BINOCULAR ZOOM. x-ray vision, anyone? thermal?) that's where i'm at right now.

so aside from frustrating vagueness on several issues - what exactly is a "non-harmful coating" in other words - it's quite an interesting article. i like the circuitry in the lense - looks very Neuromancer to me. and who doesn't want super-eyes? i'm so near-sighted, if i take my glasses off right now, i won't be able to see any indication that i'm typing words on this screen.

good thing i have SUPER TOUCH-TYPING SKILLZ. the day is saved.

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