Wednesday, February 13, 2008

so i'm obsessed with ginger rogers. everyone knows this.

here's a list of movies so far, with my quaint star ratings:

Flying Down To Rio * (just the quiet rumblings of a beginning career)

Carefree * (i liked when he floated her over the tables)

The Barkleys of Broadway * (excruciating)

42nd Street ** and 1/2 star (maybe i was in the wrong mood.)

Follow The Fleet ** (the rehearsal dancing scene is the best part.)

Shall We Dance? ** (good for cole porter songs.)

Swing Time *** (pretty good!)

Monkey Business *** (pretty good, i heart cary grant.)

Kitty Foyle *** and 1/2 * (pretty good, i like seeing ginger with a meatier role.)

Top Hat **** (glorious, funny, great songs, romantic, lovely dancing.)

Stage Door **** (superb, co-starring katherine hepburn, GREAT movie.)

that's my story. if you're still reading, i'm impressed.

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