Saturday, November 22, 2008


no, humbuggery is not what you think. you pervert. what's really obscene is this pair of salt and pepper shakers cast from the heads of actual dead turkeys. they are, at the time of this writing, on sale at for $65. i kind of love them - like these are what you bring to thanksgiving dinner when you hate thanksgiving. or perhaps when you are a vegetarian attending the carnivore carnival. morbid! awesome! from boingboing and neatorama - here's the boingboing link to turkey shakers.

so this is a link to a 10-item list of usb-powered warming devices for chilled personal computer users. (for instance, my feet and hands have gotten painfully cold in previous apartments with sketchy radiators. this made playing zoo tycoon for five consecutive hours that much harder!) so for all those people tied to their computers and suffering from sluggish sedentary circulation, here is a list of usb-powered gadgets that will keep the warmth in your extremities. from neatorama and geekalerts.

i think my favorite is the heating mitt/mousepad shaped like a fish.

finally, did y'all known that there is a world-class gym inside disney's matterhorn mountain ride? well, i just accidentally closed the tab to the article. so you'll have to find that article yourself - 10 things you didn't know about disneyland, on neatorama. i was shocked! but then, i have not been to disneyland since i saw michael jackson in "captain eo" in 3D.

my god, i love 3D movies.

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