Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ramen pizza, ramen pizza!!

yes, ramen pizza. from neatorama and seriouseats, here we have one of the annual ramen-off cooking contest winners. yes, karol lu won the competition at brooklyn kitchen with her recipe for pepperoni ramen pizza. i can't even talk about it anymore. ramen was created to be the stuff of my nightmare, yet i'm strangely drawn to the picture of ramen pizza. get the recipe for ramen pizza here, at seriouseats.

and here we have this clever ad about global warming, in the form of a huge aerial cityscape - new york - decal on the bottom of a swimming pool in mumbai, india. get it? because that's where we'll all be if we don't cut down on the fossil fuel! picture is neat-o-rama. i would prefer swimming in this pool to a slice of ramen pizza, thanks.

so the only encouraging part about our "economic downturn" is that library usage is up - thrifty patrons are looking to squeeze every freebie out of the local library, perhaps not realizing that resources and services are always free at the library? well, happy day for libraries in search of funding. here's the link to the article from lisnews. apparently libraries are always more popular during recessions, how 'bout that. it's like the library is the plain, steadfast wife, there when you need her. and blockbuster/amazon is the blonde bombshell bimbo mistress of patrons everywhere, a fair-weather rental.

what we have here is fiber-optic wallpaper with intricate floral designs. don't know how it works. probably couldn't look at it for very long. but it's kinda nice. let's try an LED fireplace next, with built-in crackle. also, i just read about a japanese aurora-borealis simulator/projector machine thing. the likelihood of an accurate aurora on one's bedroom ceiling is minute! but a sweet idear.

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