Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the anti-blonde

there are so many reasons to love christina ricci. omg, she played wednesday addams with such aplomb! she made me cry during Prozac Nation. my god, she did great work in Bastard Out Of Carolina, Pumpkin, The Ice Storm, The Opposite of Sex (!!), 200 Cigarettes, and Sleepy Hollow. just to name a few. i haven't even seen Monster yet - i'm scared - but i'm sure it kicks ass and will make me cry. you must heart christina ricci - she's kinda like meryl, or holly hunter, or susan surandon. or mary louise parker. she just rawks.

so now we have another reason to love her - her bikini bod, via The Superficial. whammo! not usually my style to post bikini pics, but i was moved by how super ms. ricci is looking on the beach.

moved, i tell you.

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