Tuesday, September 16, 2008

miscellania superb

so neatorama rocked me again. sorry about the long list of links, but there is so much! i should probably update more frequently instead of having long lists. i'll work on that. but for right now, link madness!

1. How long could you survive chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor? It's a 10 question quiz! According to the quiz, I could survive for 51 whole seconds. Hah!

2. Stealth Cell Phone Towers: why is that tree so ugly? This is a great article - with photos - about how our need for constant cell phone reception and our rejection of ugly cell phone towers has resulted in "urban camouflage" cell phone towers. they've got 'em on church steeples, grain silos, palm trees, pine trees, fake trees, even fake boulders. in-SANE, but in the back of your mind, you already knew. some of the pictures are impressively stealth.

3. some crazy artist-guy got sick of his blond wood kitchen flooring. so he got a fat Sharpie marker, put down some white plastic board, and doodled. pretty trippy.

4. speaking of crazy artists, this belgian artist named Wim Delvoye likes to build digesting machines that create unique turds. yes! the turds are then vacuum-packed and displayed. one of the machines - called cloacas - has three settings: human, rabbit, and cat! it's art, people. art imitates LIFE. ("cloaca" is latin for "sewer", btw. it's also the combined excretory opening for reptiles and birds, and platypi, and echidnas.) here is a sketch from the website, although there are also many photographs of everything. you'll find much art of interest on delvoye's site, but beware: it is almost all scatalogical, sexual/pornographic, or involving dead animals.

i know, because i just looked. this is a weaker version of how i felt after watching Pink Flamingo. listen, it's Not Safe For Work, but it's damn interesting. and i'm so curious in general. right now i'm imagining the Power Puff Girls scouring out my brains with soap, baking soda, and diamond gravel.

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