Friday, September 12, 2008

hey, remember The Sims?

i loved playing The Sims - Deluxe Version; mostly i enjoyed building extravagant mansions using the cheat code for unlimited funds, and then persuading my two Sim women to fall in love with each other and adopt a Sim-puppy... but then i had that stressful encounter with the grim reaper in the game. and how many alien abductions are really possible in one play, honestly! okay, tangent.

the creator of that crazy PC and PS2 game is Will Wright, and he's now created a more universal Sim game, called Spore. Have you seen those mysterious billboards all over your city, citing yeah, those. according to Time magazine's interview with Wright, they had expected to get a million downloads in a year or so - well they download has been available since September 7th and they've already surpassed a million downloads.


so i finally visited the site, where you can download a creature design application, among other things... awesome?! replay evolution and civilization, all on one planet. start from a microscopic creature in the ocean, and fine-tune until you can take over the world and send out space missions to other galaxies. AWESOME. watch the intro here at!

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