Tuesday, December 16, 2008

paper water bottles, omfg

you loved your nalgene so much, you carried it everywhere - once you even defended yourself against a mugger using your trusty nalgene. but then we discovered the plastic in nalgene bottles was leaching toxins into our water, and you switched to an aluminum bottle. or you bought a sigg bottle. or you just started drinking out of cheap plastic water bottles because you're contrary and grieve for your nalgene. aluminum, plastic, maybe you even tried glass...where's the love? why isn't it easy to carry potable water?

what about recycled paper water bottles, holy shit! these are from geekologie. and they look very sci-fi to me. and what a great idea - does it really work? why don't they leak, why don't they soak through? SOMEONE TELL ME WHY. here's the product page.

and then of course we have apples with apple logos on them. the geekologie writer assures us that No, The Apples Are Not McIntosh! (fuji apples, 'cause it's japan and all.) dammit. those japanese people missed the whole point. but, the apples are quite adorably commercial-ready. who knew you could do that with stickers? heck. this one is from geekologie and weird asia news, which is an awesome site i keep forgetting to check! here's the article.

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