Wednesday, December 24, 2008

wearable art and buzzwords

why haven't i heard of the wearable art blog before? ah well. thanks neatorama! i'll add it to my linky links. in the meantime, look at these crazy dresses and suit jackets sewn together from FRAGMENTS OF ANCIENT POTTERY, omg. you can even wear them, since they are sewn onto sturdy leather clothing. wear the weight of art, clink-clink. i love it - here's a link to the article on the wearableart blog. Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng does some beautiful stuff.

here's a temporary link to the gallery showing at the Virginia Miller Galleries in Coral Gables, FLorida.

also: a link to buzzwords of 2008, including "obamanation", "staycation", and "caribou barbie" among others. from the NY Times.

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