Thursday, March 12, 2009

Barbie Cake, over Six Feet Tall

For Barbie's 50th anniversary, Mattel created a nearly seven-foot chocolate Barbie cake in the shape of...Barbie. In a gold silk ball gown (and gold frosting), wearing $50,000 of real Swarovski crystals. Incidentally, Barbie was made of chocolate mud cake, and weighed over 2000 lbs.

Yes, the party was in Sydney, Australia. It's true, you weren't invited. Yes, that is the Barbie Cake in the picture, not just a cute statue of Barbie. It's CAKE. I can't believe it, either.

From the fashion/food blog, Eat Me Daily. Here's the link to Barbe's 50th Anniversary Cake, with amazing photos. How do you cut a cake effigy of a doll wearing a real gold ballgown?! My god. Don't eat the crystals.

I love that I posted Golden Barbie Cake right after Pigskin Facial Portraits! Too good.

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