Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Women's Professional Foot...Ball?

I had no idea there was a professional league for women's foot ball. Or is it "football"? I'm so non-team-sportified, I don't even know if it's one word or two. Okay, I'm going with "football" here.

Click here for teams on the Independent Women's Professional Football League; sounds rather emancipated to me! And possibly not grammatical, but who cares. There are videos, pics, player stats.

All I can say is, AMAZING. If I had known I could play a game in which towering muscular women would run after me and attempt to tackle me to the ground, would I even BE a librarian right now?! My memories of high school gym come back to me; I had fun playing flag football, but the rules seemed so complicated. The teacher would yell something, I would go back a certain number of yards or something, and start over again. But it was fun to be pursued, and to throw the ball.

Sort of like dating, I guess. Yes, maybe football is a metaphor for dating. Maybe I can find a casual game to play, once I learn the rules.

Note: Nevermind, I lost interest after I read the section on Object of the Game. Always a geek, never a jock! A single geek-jock. The picture is of the Boston Militia, taken from their official website.

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Ariadne said...

Would you prefer the extra points after a touchdown be gotten by solving a mental challenge? Those women are BIG. Hey! NM has a team! ...and its logo is a giant angry turd thing...hum.