Friday, March 6, 2009

Pigskin Facial Portraits are Morbid and Disturbing

So, from Boston's Phoenix newspaper, here is a link to the article on artist Heide Hetry's exhibit, Heads and Tales. And here is a link to the macabre slideshow, flies and all.

On a less disturbing but still porcine-related note, Geekologie has informed me that you can buy an apparatus which creates bacon-flavored bubbles for your dog to chase after and pop. Non-toxic! Safe to ingest! Bacon-tasty! Also available in Chicken or Peanut Butter flavor. I think it's pretty hilarious, and it would make a fine holiday gift for appromixately $10 = the price of laughter and ferocious bubble-hunting canines.

Geekologie has also informed me of adhesive "tape" sunglasses. They come on a roll, they're perforated, they stick to your face like...tape. You'll have to click the link for Disposable Tape Sunglasses to see just how lame people look with tape on their faces. It's fun! My eyebrows fell out the second I looked at the pictures.

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