Tuesday, March 25, 2008

okay, wtf is "steampunk"?!

when you're looking at boingboing, just find the "steampunk" tag and click it to see all the other posts in that category. and then ponder the coolness of steampunk, whatever or whoever steampunk is. i'm going to do further research on this...phenomenon. but for now, get thee to boingboing and enjoy wood-paneled macbooks, lanterns with extraneous copper and light bulbs and mahogany, and perhaps even a ghost-catching machine that looks something like a gramaphone. love the etched glass globes, love the brass fittings, and in some cases i even love the steam!

omg, i google-defined "steampunk" and came back with this! my nerd points just went up about 10,000 notches. a sub-genre of speculative fiction, seriously? maybe h.g. wells' time-machine studded with yellowed ivory and opals? my god, how has it taken me this long to Find Out. hurray for wood-paneled submarines, mp3 players cast in bronze, and other unlikely ways of combining luxurious old-school with ominous? encompassing? ubiquitous? technology.

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