Thursday, March 6, 2008

sniffer bees, in the pipe.

indescribable stuff from geekologie - a MOMA art exhibit featuring complicated blown-glass vessels containing sniffer bees. yes, bees that will detect illnesses based on odors in your breath! and they will fly to particular chambers within the vessel, depending on what they smell. and it's part of a greater exhibit on how art and science team up.

so basically, i'm dying to see this exhibit. i'm kicking myself for not living in new york. seriously, why don't i live in new york, where all the super-awesome museums are? boston is only semi-awesome, nyc is super-awesome: they have sniffer bees on exhibit, they have exhibits on how art speaks to science! shit. boil me for a couple hours, and you'd get some crystals stuck to the bottom of the pot. and one of those crystals would be "how does art inform science, and vice versa?"

link to the geekologie article here.

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