Monday, March 10, 2008

what's with the bacon craze lately?

maple-bacon lollipops sound pretty okay at this point. which means that i have been totally acclimated to the bacon craze! i mean, i like bacon okay. i like turkey bacon even better. i'll take fake bacon, too. but i'm not MAD about bacon, though i recognize that some people are actually drooling as they read this post.

and y'know, i think the bacon bandaids are funny. the bacon trompe l'oeil wallet is sorta funny. and bacon air freshener is...gross. (the Vosgues bacon truffle and dark chocolate bacon bar are AMAZING, though.) so what is with all the bacon? atkins, my ass.

why not just make bacon fries instead of potato frites? candied bacon fries, if you're missing the sweet potato fried crunchies. why not bacon fruit salad - why not BACON CAKE.

geekologie, dammit - why are you so fascinating? i was going to post something chewy about web 3.0, and the end of the consumer-as-king. but then i realized the article came from Newsweek, and posted bacon pops instead. oh well - still interesting in a way.

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