Tuesday, March 25, 2008

while we're on the subject...what are "new wave fabulists"?

well, it's a sub-genre for fiction and magical realism and science fiction, or perhaps an amalgam of all three. in fact, if i were really really cool and still a writer who cared and produced things, i might be a new wave fabulist! read this article from the Boston Globe, all about New Wave Fabulists. and while you do that, i will linger on my persistent, obsessive fan-love for shelley jackson; jackson is just so lusciously weird and affecting and hard to dismiss, i CANNOT. EVEN. STAND HER.

har, this is my self-obsessed post o' the day. i was in issue 2 of this fine publication, once upon a nervous breakdown ago. that was really cool. yeah. when i get over my vertiginous writer's block, i'll just let y'all know.

now i'm done being self-obsessed. go look up shelley jackson, kelly link, george saunders, jorge luis borges, julio cortazar, david hollander, nelly reifler, and lots of other people mentioned in that Boston Globe article. or on the Unsaid website. get crazy, read crazy stuff.

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