Monday, April 21, 2008

flavorless lemon wedge defeats own purpose

a yellow plastic "lemon wedge" with an embedded LED light. what more could you want at your stupid cocktail party? oh, i feel a theme developing: superfluity? useless crap that lights up? omg, yes! let's have a Useless Crap That Lights Up party! glowsticks, those kids' shoes that blink every time one takes a step, those weird fiberoptic paintbrush wand thingies that change colors...LED belt buckles with annoying messages trailing across them, those rubbery LED rings that change colors while you're at the rave, that blue LED you can install into your faucet for glowing blue water in the dead of night...why do i know about all this stuff?

you guys, this is going to be a tewtally awesome party. and also, this picture is from geekologie, and geekologie prolly got it from somewhere else. so look, i do not particularly endorse jim beam, hokay?

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