Wednesday, April 16, 2008

omg, ramen museum is my nightmare!

just innocently browsing around on the web, and what should i find? oh, a link to the japanese ramen noodle museum in yokohama. anyone who has known me for a little while knows that i think ramen is a loathsome food! i throw ice-water in the face of my japanese birth-right, i refuse to eat even one more package of ramen noodles! the smell of boiling salty broth is possibly The Worst Thing - i cannot even describe it here. in the midst of drug-addled college nostalgia, i puke all over you.

but there are some people who enjoy salting themselves to oblivion, slurping noodles, and drinking the msg-laden broth after all the noodles are gone. for you, dear souls, i present the ramen museum. arigato, please enjoy! come again soon.

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