Thursday, April 17, 2008

froglet doglet

so you know i hate ramen, but do you know what i love? among other things, FRENCH BULLDOGS! even though i would never buy one from the pet store - which is where all the puppy mill puppies go - or from a breeder who may breed for bigger ears whilst ignoring good temperament and longevity. no, ladies and germs, i will probably never own a frenchie unless my thriftstore-crazed friend finds one on a sale rack, looking velvety and forlorn. and probably one-eyed and three-legged.

but listen, my arms are open! and i enjoy other people's french bulldogs, always always. froggies! the bat ears, the limpid eyes, the sleek coat and staunch little barrel body...EEEEEE, thank you again, cuteoverload!

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