Monday, April 6, 2009

Doughnut-Muffins, Cyborg Batteries

The titles to my posts leave no mystery anymore. Who's eaten a doughnut muffin already? I haven't tried one, or even seen one. But I know they are in my neighborhood - thanks, Facebook! I will skulk until I find one. A muffin with the soul and texture of a cake doughnut.

Here's an article from The Food Section - including a recipe for "Kathleen's Doughnut Muffins" - and a good picture from the same online source. Fascinating.

And from Geekologie, we have an amazing tiny battery. Yes, a battery that runs on glucose pulled from living blood. Yeast in the machine! A holy-shit-it's-true cyborg battery to power electronics with living blood, people! Diabetics could be the next superhumans. You know, the Geekologie writer was getting all crazed, talking about the rise of the machines, death of humankind, pew pew pew! I think he may be right this time.

The cyborgs will kill us all.

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