Saturday, April 18, 2009

Leslie and LY's

I had never heard of Leslie Hall, but I had seen a random pictures of a crazy blond lady in big grandma glasses wearing a variety of bejeweled sweaters. That's Leslie Hall, and she makes hip-hop/electronica/ironica music. It's hilarious and danceable, and just tell me to shut up if you already know. This is my favorite video so far: This Is How We Go Out, Version 2. Please watch the whole thing, and then visit Leslie Hall on myspace for more music. Because she really does sound like a sassy black hip-hop lady.

You will never be able to get this line from Blame The Booty Remix outta your head, btw: "on my giant trampoline i go bounce, bounce; ya fall in love with every ounce, ounce!"


Ariadne said...

She's hilarious live. Oh the stories!

Lindsey said...

Omg, I bet she rocks more live than anyone I can think of right now.