Tuesday, May 6, 2008

bento box instructions!

can i just say, finally? explicit instructions on how to create a visually appealing and very appetizing boxed lunch, japanese-style. with food pyramid rations and fractions and everything! go read more at LunchInABox, because it's awesome.

but be warned, you will probably be hungry after you read a few posts. and jealous, because your mom doesn't make your lunches anymore. (or does she?) and she never put cherries in a tiny steel bowl for you, or roasted fresh mushrooms in the toaster-oven for you, or laid a tiny fish-shaped bottle of tonkatsu saunce next to your corn croquettes!

how did any of us survive a childhood of cool ranch doritos, bugles, warped carrot sticks, and tuna fish? i will never know the answer. (nor will i ever eat another COOL RANCH DORITO <- ARRRGH!)

for the record, my mom totally took my lunch orders and put fresh alfalfa sprouts and dijon mustard on my ham and cheese sandwich. that's why it's good to be an only child = i done been spoilt! (c'mon, you wish you were me.)

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