Sunday, May 18, 2008

remember that movie, The Rocketeer?

i thought that guy's golden helmet was rad. but anyway - jetman is real, and he's swiss, and he's actually a little cooler than you thought he would be. who doesn't want to fly, say, 186 miles per hour through the grand canyon? with a pair of 8-foot wings that call to mind some of batman's gadgets? wow, i'm sold. the alpine backdrop and the "effortless loops" this guy can fly a thousand feet off the ground - that's salesmanship. also, i love the description of how he steps out of the plane, begins a gentle glide, then literally rockets into full-flight!

goosebumps just thinking about it. (yeah, i had a flying dream once. shut up. everybody does!) watch the youtube vid, this guys kicks ass. but stopping with a parachute like that must suck. way!

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