Thursday, May 15, 2008

the something store is a real commercial venture!

so neatorama led me to The Something Store, to which you pay $10 and they will send you...something. it could be anything! they have some pictures of previous somethings on their site. average customer reviews are five stars! it's like the solution to stumper birthday gifts and stumper-deluxe winter holiday gifts. (christmakuh? channumas? i prefer a secular winter holiday, myself. food for festivities, gifts for gifting's sake.) i wonder if they have a Something of the Month club? it may be the nicest way to waste money this side of exercise-based arcade games.

somebody buy me something right now! curiosity is a dangerous condition for librarians - causes rabies, hair-pulling, cracked teeth, ear-aches, even gout. so obvy you'll want to help me avoid curiosity-dependent sequelae by buying me Something.

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