Friday, May 2, 2008


the marine sunfish can grow to be 10 feet tall and long, and up to 3000some pounds. and it looks really, really strange; it grazes on jellyfish, basks sideways at the surface of the ocean, and has a really hard time making sharp turns. it's latin name "mola" means millstone.

in contrast to the ponderous mcsunnersons, swordfish are fierce, fast predators with that nifty sword on their nose. they grow to be about 1400 lbs or more, and are a diving, leaping, swerving balls of hell for nervy sport anglers. here's a pic of a world-record swordfish from back in the day.

according to wikipedia, swordfish have special organs that heat their eyeballs and brains, for fast thinking - i guess - and sharper vision in the deep. they use their nose-swords to thwap prey fish left and right, consuming them as they flop around in a daze. when angered, swordfish will plunge their swords through the sides of attacking sharks, rude rowboats, and even deep into the muddy bottom of the (shallow) sea. they've a reputation for strength, speed, and ire - so basically, swordfish kick ass. (just watch the vid below.) who knew?

seems a shame to catch them, or even eat them (mercury, my god). don't you feel sorry for this guy, all pretty and dead in the boat?

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