Sunday, May 18, 2008

i heart


Stupid Alphabet
Girl #1: That library isn't much help at all.
Girl #2: Yeah, I buy my own books. Libraries are only good for poor people that want to read.
Overheard by: Courtney
via Overheard Everywhere, Nov 1, 2007



A Squirrel?
Ghetto woman, indignantly: And then he told my mama he wanted me to get tested 'cause he didn't think the baby was his!
Ghetto man, outraged: Inconsiderate fuck! It was his, wasn't it?
Ghetto woman: Hell no! I don't know who I be sleeping with! [They laugh.] Bitch, please -- I fuck like a squirrel!
Overheard by: Tiki
via Overheard Everywhere, Sep 23, 2007

(HAH! i snorted a little.)


And the Cat Keeps Eating It
Customer: I want to return this mouse.
CSR: Okay. May I ask why?
Customer: No, you'll laugh at me.
CSR: I promise I won't.
Customer: Every time I move it around it squeaks.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
via Overheard Everywhere, Sep 30, 2007


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