Thursday, July 10, 2008

company logos had to start somewhere

via neatorama, click on the evolution of tech company logos! this is my favorite progression, as you can see "kwanon" the bodhisattva of mercy gradually becoming "canon - see the world through your eyes" or something like that. the "nokia" progression was also pretty good - i am fairly tickled by tech company logos that refer to some animal, vegetable (or deity!). for instance, "nokia" is apparently finnish for "pine marten". and apple computer started out with a black and white logo of, it looks like, isaac newton under that apple tree.

oh, snap! forget that thing i said about "nokia" meaning "pine marten". i was just quoting from neatorama, people! i looked it up on wikipedia, and it appears that the finnish city nokia was named after soot or the soot marten. which is also called a sable.
to make matters more confusing, a sable is also a type of antelope. sable is also a color! here is a sable german shepherd, looking wolfier than usual. kids, i think we've all learned something today!

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