Wednesday, July 2, 2008

dung beetle truffles!

omg, marzipan and chocolate ganache. amazing, right? (via marzipan-slicer mousewrites) tells you how to make a stellar facsimile of a dung beetle rolling up a ball o' shit. except that the crap is actually a naked chocolate truffle, and the dung beetle is cleverly cut from marzipan.

clever and sweet. could be the best tiny chocolate-themed gift, ever.

for those of you unfamiliar with dung beetles, let me just say that dung beetles clean up all the shit that hoofed and pawed animals lay down. i'm serious - why aren't all the pastures and meadows and forests and grasslands and deserts full of sun-dried shit? because of dung beetles. they might be the best thing you've ever taken for granted. they live all around the world; yes, they are also called "scarabs" for you egyptophiles. but listen, you can find a regular dung beetle on any american cattle land, yessir. they live to roll balls of crap into their burrows and stock up for snacks later. here, a video, with extra-good time-lapse:

the beetles are all, "sanitation! coming through! god, i'm starving. this is going to be such a great ball of shit. i can't wait for the big game." i am so entertained right now. this is much better than laser-etching tattoos or anything with LEDs. pshaw!


mousewrites said...

Hi there.

I'm Lindsey (AKA Mousewrites) who did the dung beetle truffle instructable. Your post made my day in ways I can't describe. :D

Actually, now that I've found your blog, I'm bookmarking it because every post I've read so far has made me happy.

lindsey said...

mousewrites, it is an honor to have you here!!!

bless you and your perverse truffles.