Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Endless Feasts is a book i need!

it's sixty years of superlative writing from Gourmet magazine, people. for those of you who read cooking magazines in the bathroom - and you know who you are - this is an interesting and historical alternative! i've got it on request right now, and look, i'm excited enough to post about it. i'll bet you can't even see the picture i posted. well, let's have a look then.
oh, it's fine. you'll figure it out. don't buy it from amazon, go check it out at a library for god's sake. or buy it used - that way, when you end up not reading it, you can give it someone who will. my god, i've been up too long.


blood money said...

Many many people read cooking magazines while residing in the bathroom!

lindsey said...

we live in an inbox/outbox kinda world, huh bloodmoney?