Wednesday, July 2, 2008

dude, whatever happened to Viennetta?

you know, that ice cream dessert thingie with the crispy layers of chocolate. it would probably count as an "ice cream novelty" if not a full-on dessert.

back when i was in college, my (adorable) downstairs lesbian neighbors brought a Viennetta to my barbeque. i thought they were totally cool for doing that, too. classy, right?

okay, so it was classy then.

anyway, whatever happened to Viennetta, that addictively crispy/cream ice cream dessert? well, for one thing, it's british. and it's alive and well in fair brittania - much like soccer, Pink, and dark unfiltered beer - and it's care of Wall's and Unilever worldwide. it LIIIIIVES, in other words, right here: Home of Viennetta and also those awesome Magnum ice cream bars!

so one of the great reference questions of today has been answered. my work here is done.

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