Monday, July 21, 2008

doctor fish will eat your nasty feet!

so i was having my cheese and cracker lunch, when what did i find on but an article about fish-assisted pedicures? omg, it's funny! i would do it once, just to feel fish nibbling on my toes. and they don't have teeth, these fish, so how could it not be kinda fun and ticklish? people seem to like it, and if the price drops for the services of hungry toe-carp, i am there!

nibble-nibble-nibble. i guffaw. i also doubt the fish like living in basins of hot water, but more research must be done on "doctor fish". perhaps they evolved near hot springs or something. needless to say, it sounds like a vaguely stressful existence for a toe-carp.
okay, i've looked them up: wikipedia says they are endogenous to river basins of iran, iraq, syria, turkey... mesopotamia and byzantium, okay! they apparently also live and breed in the pools of outdoor spas in turkey, where they are used to treat psoriasis with nibbles. what is with my grammar today?

toe-carp, toe-carp, toe-carp! ahhhh!

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