Tuesday, June 24, 2008

bacon madness continues

and now, bacon floss. yes, BACON FLOSS. that's bacon-flavored dental floss. in a silly dispenser with greasy/sporty bacon stripes. courtesy of geekologie and some other bacon maniacs, i bet.

the last time i bought bacon was when i was trying to make the perfect bacon-facsimile bookmark; this pertains to a library-related urban myth about finding actual raw bacon used as a bookmark. so i decided i'd fry up some bacon and then take a picture of the most perfectly cooked strip; from that point, i would color-print the photo and shrink/enlarge to bookmark size. then i planned to laminate it.

but you know, that plan didn't quite work out. my camera didn't take sharp enough pictures, and lamination is expensive. therefore, i ended up eating a whole package of bacon in two days. true story.

at least it was the low fat kind. wasn't it?

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