Monday, June 2, 2008

neatorama's "Strange and Wonderful Vending Machines"

truly excellent, link to it here! machines that dispense live fishing bait, fresh eggs, pet supplies, medical marijuana, and ipods. machines that dispense peanuts for crows (who make their living finding loose change to exchange for machine-peanuts!!!). a claw-machine game that swaps that damnably elusive stuffed animal for a live lobster - put in more quarters, you've almost got him! i need lobster bisque TONIGHT!

actually, you know what i need? monistat in a vending machine. in fact, make that monistat, condoms, dental dams, a selection of "personal lubricants", and latex gloves. and disposeable speculuums with flashlights. sometimes i'm curious, you know. don't have time to make that gyno appointment. maybe DIY pap-smear kits with pre-paid postage to the laboratory? dude. vending machines would be killer convenient.

neatorama, you are awesome.

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