Tuesday, June 24, 2008

some people just burn a photo of their ex.

and other people react to critical hyperbole by selling their entire lives on ebay! "just like you said i would, aren't you happy i took you literally!?" this grieving, jilted man is selling his job, his house, his computer, his motorcycle, his friends, his pride, and his self respect. among other things, like his grill and his jacuzzi.

yessir, he got dumped. after twelve years. so can you really blame him? (i think he's being an idiot, but whatever. who sells their friends? as if friendship can be bought and sold?!) read more about Mr. Ian Usher and his situation on geekologie, or go straight to the guy's personal blog.

o, to be a man with things to sell and a jet ski to leave behind! my goodness.

as of 4:17 pm on June 24th, 2008, the ebay auction is at AUD 315,000.00. which seems to be about $300,000 in american greenbacks, too.

holy paypal, batman!

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