Wednesday, June 25, 2008

first i was going to post about premium flavored m&m's

then i decided to post about the cat with no face. but then i got teary looking at - graphic! disturbing! - pictures on the cat's blog. in fact, the pics remind me of those bus advertisements with the cleft palate babies. so i finally decided to post the mechanical silver swan built in 1773.

the swan swims on a river of glass rods, and every day at noon and three, it finds and eats a silver fish. will your stupid robot AI work two hundred years from now!? that's what i said. so get impressed over this robo-swan, cry over disfigured cats, and check out candyblog's review of the new premium m&m's that might be really good.

neatorama was so frikkin' good today. i can't even stand it.

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