Monday, June 16, 2008

pancake batter in spray can is frickin' organic

we're confused! doesn't pancake batter in a spray can belong in the same "food" category as tinned meat and velveeta cheese? but wait, it's organic! it must be okay, and even good for us. let's eat it.

well, according to the product information page, Batter Blaster is indeed organic and probably good for you. even though it feels wrong, and you'll automatically be labelled as a Lazy Person if you buy it more than once.

i might like to try it, though. because it would go great with my Real Vermont Maple Syrup Gun, my freeze-dried blocks of Free Range Whipped Cream, and my Organic Sliced Strawberry Transporter/Dehydrator/Rehydrator.

read a review of Batter Blaster here, on one of my favorite food blogs, LunchInABox! bento-mistress biggie is brave, and admits that while the spray batter tastes fine, it "feels wrong".

what happened to the days of honey-lavender truffles and maple-bacon lollipops? i miss those days.

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