Wednesday, June 25, 2008

what exactly is "scrapple"?

i was reading a post on LunchInABox which mentioned scrapple. thankfully the word was linked to the wikipedia article on scrapple, which i have just now read. and now i'm not sure what to think - is scrapple the homemade versin of spam? the all-pork version of spam? what's that about buckwheat flour? head-cheese, what?

okay, gross. i just had to look up "head cheese" after i wrote it. and head cheese is not the same as scrapple. gross. anything involving offal, i am not really excited about.

but anyway, scrapple! for the record, this post comes to you from someone who has never tried corned beef. i might try a scrapple sandwich.

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ashley said...

let's just say that it's very popular in philadelphia, and neither of my parents will eat it. it's the leftovers, really.