Tuesday, October 14, 2008

as usual, boingboing has cool schtuff

well, amputee David Savage is now a man with a new human hand - which seems to work surprisingly well. read more about his new hand here!

in other news, Jonathan Hennessey and illustrator Aaron McConnell have created a graphic novel version of the United States Constitution. i just requested that my local library purchase it, so i can read it, dammit. too good. except that it does not handle recent law-making higgledy-piggledy like the Patriot Act, but maybe that will be the next book.

and here we have a link to a blog post by an icelander, detailing the surreal milieu of reykjavik the day after all major icelandic banks failed as a consequence of U.S. banks tipping. a horrifying and astounding blog post to read, i might add. suicides beginning to be reported.

in a metaphorical response to the above paragraph, here we have duct tape bandages:

finally, the U.S. Army is working on developing "synthetic telepathy" helmets which will transmit the thoughts of one person to another person in a matching helmet. it will be something along the lines of composing an email in your head, then "sending" it by thinking. lawd, the world makes me tired.

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Ariadne said...

I really like his new arm hair V. 'nope! that i grew myself!'