Friday, October 24, 2008

but first, a watermelon brain.

from boingboing and instructables, we have an impressive brain carved from a watermelon. my first thoughts on seeing this creation were "my goodness, the skill involved!" and then "i wonder if a pumpkin-carving kit could do that?" here is the instructable for melon brains, too.

from boingboing gadgets, we have the winner of a seoul design contest: Life Pebbles! it's a pack that drops glowing green pebbles behind firefighters as they enter burning buildings. Thus, as the boingboing writer says, they are much like radioactive hamsters in a smoking maze.

try watching this video of a danish-built "walking house" art installation. yep, it's like a camper shell that walks. Howl's Moving Castle?

also, neatorama tells me that an octogenarian norwegian man can still see out of the cornea he received via transplant in 1958. that's pretty damn impressive. especially since the transplant came from a man born in 1885. that's a 123 year-old organ transplant.

WHOA, 1885, 1885!!!

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