Monday, October 6, 2008

golden kate moss, etc

so now i can't remember if it was geekologie or neatorama or boingboing that told me about the solid-gold statue of kate moss as the modern aphrodite: read about it here! this british artist cast 110 lbs of gold into the likeness of kate moss, and used her as a live model, too. (i kinda wish he had just spray-painted kate moss gold. woulda weighed about the same, but much cheaper? except for kate's hourly rate, hmm.) and you know what else? gold is not cheap these days.

and then there's this awesome boingboing post about how a public library dealt with Banned Books Week: they made a sensational window display with Live Readers Reading Banned Or Challenged Books! for the whole week. i love that. it's an especially good picture, too.

finally, you can make acorn pancakes with this how-to for acorn flour; soak to remove the bitterness/tannins! described as "nutty" and "hearty", i wanna try it. surrounded as i am with oak trees and gorging squirrels, seems pert'nent.

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Ariadne said...

Modern Aphrodite or sheilanagig?