Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Library Headlines

- the graphic novel "Bunny Suicides" freaks an Oregonian mom out to the point of bizarre-o. (it's free speech, lady. sorry you don't think it's funny. maybe you shouldn't read it, y'know?)

- the winning essays for a contest How The Library Changed My Life. I get weepy. I could write a few words on this subject, myself.

- MSN's "America's 10 Coolest Public Libraries" concentrates on snazzy architecture instead of the crazy services rendered within. all librarians now feel pissy and devalued. but it's okay, because librarians rock. and I would totally visit Seattle PL (pictured above) just to visit their insane library and ask a reference question that could somehow be answered with the reference dumbwaiter(!!). Also, woo for the BPL (pictured below) making third on the list with its Renaissance Revival architecture; after all, it was "the first large free municipal library" in the United States, founded in 1848. Info from the BPL's website, history portion.

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